1.) Recycle 

Most people already know that recycling is great way to reduce trash and benefit the environment. There are often everyday items that get thrown in the trash that people do not even realize can be recycled. Cardboard cereal boxes, plastic milk jugs, glass, aluminum foil, and loose plastic bags can all be recycled.

When at the store, try to purchase things in glass jars instead of plastic so reusing will be possible.  You can often use leftover containers and glass jars for storing everyday items in your kitchen, bath, and living area.

When you have the option, choose companies that work hand in hand with helping the environment. Here at Tri-State Waste & Recycling we work with disposal facilities that recycle up to 500 tons of waste daily.

2.) Reuse

Reusable bags are often seen being used while grocery shopping but can be used when shopping for clothing items as well.

Water bottle waste is a huge problem. Purchase a reusable water bottle to bring with you on the go. You can even bring your own reusable coffee mug to your favorite coffee spot and have them fill it for you.

Having guest over and don’t feel like doing the dishes? Try and fight the ease of using paper plates and plastic silverware. Not using those items will help reduce your trash output.

3.) Buy in Bulk

Instead of buying individually packaged items, buy in bulk. The less packaging the less waste left over. Fewer trips to the store are also a bonus.

These are just three easy things you can do and put into your day to day routines to help reduce your trash output.


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