Ephrata PA Dumpster Rental

For those who have yet to visit, it might be tempting to deny or otherwise minimize the singular, historic charm of Ephrata, PA. It is, after all, the fastest-growing borough of Lancaster County, with a rich industrial history. One can (maybe) forgive these ignorant people, who might look at statistics and new development rates and various other indicators, and conclude from those lifeless numbers that all that Ephrata can really be defined by is a rapidly developing section of land about 60 miles west of Philadelphia. But for those who have come through, or are lucky enough to live in, Ephrata, external quantitative indicators do as well to explain Ephrata as a fish could.

Ephrata, indeed, is a vibrant, detailed, and endearing town, with a rich, well-cited history. No one knows this better than Tri-State Waste & Recycling, who has been providing services to the people and businesses of Ephrata for many years, and has enjoyed every minute of it. Tri-State knows that towns like Ephrata can sometimes exist at a certain crossroad, where they can either move headfirst into the gigabit-speed, Amazon Prime, Uber future, or instead choose to hold on to the identity and character of a community that, despite everything, has held onto its continuity and values for centuries, and doesn’t see a need to stop now! While it’s true that this can be a very real dilemma for small towns, it is not always the case. There are companies like Tri-State that can provide top-of-the-line, modern, and professional service without the cold anonymity and unfair pricing of modern, internet-based companies.

In particular, Tri-State wants Ephrata and towns like it to know that, when it comes to dumpster rentals, our service and family-run experience is truly the best of both worlds: unmatched, top-of-the-line equipment, including a fleet of large roll-off dumpsters and five different size dumpsters, with intimate customer service and straightforward billing that respects the community and history of the town it provides too.

If Ephrata, like the biblical place of Ephrath from which it derives its name, is fatefully to coincide with its etymological meaning as “fruitful” in this new modern world and expand and develop itself even more than its Lancaster County peers, then people can only let it! But it will be important that this development is managed carefully, because only then will Ephrata grow on its own terms. One crucial, if perhaps under sung, aspect of new development and renovation is the collection and disposal of rather unwieldy waste. Many million tonnes of waste is produced each year from new construction, and the responsible handling of this waste is a hugely influential human variable of economic and environmental growth and sustainability.

Tri-State knows in particular that the dumpster needs of every individual is going to be varied. Many of our customers are homeowners doing some home renovation or construction, and need a reasonably sized receptacle for a simple one-time rental. Our service involves a single, all-inclusive payment which covers the rental, delivery, pickup, and disposal of any one of our six variable size dumpsters. And we mean all-inclusive too: there are no hidden environmental fees or fuel surcharges involved in our service; we simply do not believe in them. For it should go without saying that care for the environment is embedded in a family-run dumpster rental business, and we do not need to add a “fee” to it as if it is the responsibility of the customer; and as for “fuel surcharges”, well towns like Ephrata are just as much our home as all the boroughs and outposts dotted along Lancaster county, and to charge extra for driving through our home just doesn’t make sense. Make no mistake, Tri-State Waste and Recycling knows the needs of Ephrata, and loves to provide it with whatever it needs.

All of this is just to say: Ephrata, you know who to call for your dumpster rental needs, its Tri-State Waste & Recycling. We are the only company you will find that combines the convenience, simplicity, and accessibility you are accustomed to in the modern world, with the intimate, family-run, reliability and honesty you deserve. And not only that, but Tri-State knows and cares about Ephrata as exactly who it is: an incredible, diverse community of people that will only grow stronger from its rapid development. Call for an appointment today!