Quarryville PA Dumpster Rental

Quarryville is a historic town in Lancaster county, originally incorporated in 1892, but having a history that goes back to 1775 when Martin Barr acquired a few thousand acres of land which included modern Quarryville. The town serves as the central hub of Lancaster County, and boasts around 2,700 residents.

While central to Lancaster County, and beloved spot of the region, Quarryville is also a secluded, remote destination. The cost of quiet rural life is one of relative distance from many of the services and facilities people and businesses take for granted in larger cities. This is especially true with waste removal and dumpster rental, where companies that spend their time in exclusively densely populated regions can feel justified in forcing exorbitant surcharges to those who live miles away from their services. This is just not something you have to worry about at all with Tri-State Waste & Recycling. This is a company that prides itself in providing affordable services to everyone, big or small, urban or remote. We simply do not believe in hidden fees of any kind, and make sure to deliver and pick up your dumpster wherever you may be in Quarryville with absolutely no environmental fees or fuel surcharges!

Some future clients have probably heard this all before, and will say right about now something like: “Well that is certainly a wonderful pitch, to provide a straightforward dumpster rental service, where a one-time service cost gets me the delivery and disposal of a dumpster with no hidden fees; but I have to tell you, my problem is not so much with the cost of this service, not that it isn’t important! Rather, I am looking for a service that is willing to even reach me at my point of service… You see, I am doing some major renovation work on a 200-year-old home outside of Quarryville, and access to the lot is not really up to 21st century standards. Basically, I need a 20 cubic yard dumpster driven up a 3/4 mile bumpy road, and every service I call just simply won’t do it; they say their trucks can’t make it!” Say no more future customer: Tri-State Waste and Recycling makes it a principled priority for itself to only maintain the finest fleet of modern, roll-off dumpster trucks around. These trucks work with a special hydraulic lift designed for the dumpsters we provide, and are able to lift and elevate the container reliably and stably, no matter what has been put in it! But this doesn’t just mean that these trucks can simply lift whatever you end up needing to put in these dumpsters, but being designed specifically for each dumpster means that they are extremely reliable vehicles that can stand up to terrain and distance much better than those of most competitors who just pair any dumpster with any truck they have on hand. Tri-State Waste and Recycling is happy to provide this unique and crucial capability to all the citizens of Quarryville.

The geographical area of the Quarryville Township itself is about one square mile, and the 2010 census showed the total population to be a cozy 2,576. The larger “Quarryville Region” is better defined by the 17566 zip code, and includes the bordering areas of Eden, Bart, East Drumore, Little Britain, Fulton, Colerain, and Providence Townships. Wherever you find yourself in this beautiful and historic region, Tri-State Waste & Recycling is ready to provide their best services to you. While there may be few active quarries left in the region, it doesn’t mean that there is no need for large waste removal!

Historic farmhouses and properties throughout Quarryville provide wonderful hosting services for weddings, reunions, and other big events. There is nothing like the Pennsylvanian countryside, especially in Quarryville, and it is no mystery why so many are attracted here for their significant, social events: old, relatively untouched hills and meadows meet with open blue skies on the unassuming horizon, and the historic barn houses dotting the landscape are like stately beings in themselves, hunched and pondering the rich surrounding world. Areas like this are sensitive to the comings and goings of a newly modern world, and as such need quick, efficient service when it comes to dumpster rentals. That’s why Tri-State Waste & Recycling provides its top-of-the-line service everywhere in Quarryville. Waste from major events like weddings can be substantial, but weddings don’t happen year-round; Tri-State knows that some clients need straightforward, short-term, and affordable rentals of dumpsters in varying sizes, and are happy to provide it in any destination. And with typically a single-day notice, Tri-State can provide dumpsters quickly as well!

We know that we can provide the best dumpster rental service to all the people in Quarryville, please call us today to order or ask any questions you have!