Berks County

Interestingly, Berks County, unlike many other counties in Pennsylvania, was not independently founded. Instead, it was amalgamated from parts of Lancaster, Chester, and Philadelphia Counties in the late eighteenth century, with its seat at Reading the first major development in the area. Around four hundred thousand people today call Berks County home, with most of the county draining into the Schuylkill River. As with most metropolitan areas in the modern United States, Berks County demands an efficient, cost-effective means of managing the waste generated by its population, which is where dumpster usage steps in. Since the 1930s, communities across the United States of America have been using dumpsters to temporarily store their waste. Although dumpsters are most commonly used by apartment buildings, schools, event sites (such as sports stadiums) and other areas which see high volumes of people on a regular basis, an increasing number of smaller businesses and homes are using dumpster rental to address their waste management needs. The front-loading garbage trucks built specifically to handle and empty dumpsters are capable of handling a wide variety of dumpster sizes. This has led to the development of both larger and smaller dumpsters tailored for use by those whose waste management demands do not fit the specifications of the original dumpster. For example, many restaurants and eateries in the Berks County area are now using smaller, ninety-five gallon dumpsters to accommodate the sheer volume of waste. Imagine, for example, any fast food eatery, with all the accompanying packaging, food waste, paper towels, straws and leftover meals. A regular household bin just won’t be able to handle that volume of waste, but a traditional dumpster would be far too large. The toter, or ninety-five gallon dumpster, is perfect for this scenario, and has been adopted by small businesses, churches and even larger households across the nation.

Douglassville PA 19518

With a population below five hundred, Douglassville is as quiet as Pennsylvania gets, and features the oldest church in Berks County. With such a small population, smaller, more mobile dumpsters are a major facet of local waste management strategies.

Fleetwood PA 19522

Fleetwood, its name immortalized by the Cadillac Fleetwood automobile, has a miniscule area of around one square mile. Most residents of Fleetwood live in family households, so any home development project, whether amateur or professional, is likely to unearth enough trash to fill even a fifteen-yard dumpster.

Hamburg PA 19526

Hamburg, on the east bank of the Schuylkill, is named for the city of the same name in Germany, due to the population of the area at the time of its founding being largely German in origin. Large scale events such as the Taste of Hamburg-er Festival attract throngs of tourists and produce huge amounts of waste, so it is common to see huge roll-off dumpsters and their accompanying trucks throughout Hamburg around this time.

Kutztown PA 19530

The annual Kutztown Folk Festival, which celebrates the area’s German (or “Pennsylvania Dutch”) heritage, requires significant dumpster rental to accommodate the visiting tourists and the garbage they generate over the course of the Festival. Similarly, the construction and development surrounding this festival and the expansion of Kutztown necessitates the frequent use of dumpsters throughout the area.

Temple PA 19560

When Temple locals are using a dumpster, a common mistake is forgetting that the dumpster must be collected by a large truck. Whether the dumpster is on a construction site, an industrial complex or in a home driveway, you can make the truck driver’s life immeasurably easier by removing any obstructions such as low hanging wires and tree branches from its path.