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Waste removal or disposal is an essential process in households and commercial centers that value the smooth execution of daily activities. The importance of having a specialized container where you can discard scraps from home remodeling, construction, or demolition works, amongst others, can not be overstated. By employing the service of a Dumpster Rental, you can achieve a high degree of orderliness around your homes or worksite and prevent littering of dirt or scraps. This, in turn, ensures that our environment remains hygienic, and potentially dangerous materials from construction projects such as metal scraps are removed and effectively disposed of. When in need of a dumpster rental, it is best to employ one within the city. That way, communication gaps are effectively bridged and timelier delivery is achieved.

About Media

Media, a suburb of Pennsylvania, is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, about 12 miles west of Philadelphia. With a population of approximately 5400, Media started as a small village named Providence, settled by Welsh Quakers who moved to the United States in 1682. Providence remained a small village comprising mostly farmlands and a few buildings until 1850 when the State of Pennsylvania incorporated the Borough of Media which has since been developed as a planned community with fine architecture to bolster commerce and support life for ages.
Despite its small population, the town has elegant big-city amenities as well as tourist attractions including museums, historic parks, zoos, and other landmarks. Media – derived from the Latin word for middle, has been widely described as the heart of the region due to its strategic location in the center of Delaware County. The community’s continued growth is attributed to its unique blend of authentic and modern practices.

20 Years of Hard Work

For over 20 years, TS waste has been in the operation of preserving our natural habitat by delivering cutting-edge environmental solutions. Our undeterred goal is the achievement and sustenance of a cleaner and safer society where residents and businesses flourish – not just in the present day but for decades to come. We offer unrivaled dumpster rentals to homes, industries, construction sites, and other commercial stations in the city of Media, PA.


Our most interactive and supportive customer care service ensures that our clients’ requests are executed in great detail, down to the minute and that deliveries and pickups of dumpsters are prompt even on short notice. We offer a variety of dumpsters that meet the specific waste disposal demands of your projects, with capacities ranging from 10 yards to 40 yards, you can be certain that whatever the size of your junk, you are covered.

Family Owned

As a local and family-owned business, our reputation precedes us in this city, hence you can anticipate a truly personalized experience. Over the years, we have been able to gather the complete list of actual and potentially hazardous waste, their specific disposal mechanisms, and recycling strategies so you can rest assured in the knowledge that whatever form of garbage you generate, they are being disposed of effectively.
As a company whose credibility has never been in doubt, we have full insurance and license to operate within the city and neighboring municipalities. At TS waste, we adapt proven techniques when delivering and positioning requested dumpsters in your yards or driveways so that no damage is left behind when removing them!

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As the number one Dumpster Rental in Media, PA, all resources within our means are geared towards maintaining this success and we will not relent on our commitment to delivering effective and environmentally sound solutions to our clients. The esteemed feat of being regarded as the best is no surprise and can be attributed to the pedestal on which we place our clients. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority at our Dumpster Rental in Media. Our hunger for continued development and prompt adoption of recent trends in waste disposal sets us far apart from our competitors. Contact us today for a seamless dumpster rental!