Lancaster County

Lancaster County, named for the city of the same name in England (which was, in turn, named for the Lancaster family who contested the English throne during the Wars of the Roses), has a strong local farming industry. The rich, fertile soils of Lancaster County provide the foundation for almost a fifth of Pennsylvania’s overall agricultural output, which makes sense considering that around half of the county’s land area is zoned for agricultural work. Of course, agricultural waste requires the extensive use of coordinated waste management systems, such as dumpster rental and waste transport. Many tourists come to Lancaster County to observe the lifestyles of the Lancaster Amish community, living their simple, pre-industrial agrarian lifestyles within hours of bustling cities. Of course, the Lancaster Amish do not produce nearly as much waste as the other residents of the area, who depend heavily on dumpster rental to keep Lancaster’s soil and water clean and fit for growing produce and feeding swine and cattle. The vast volume of agricultural waste in addition to ordinary metropolitan waste means that dumpsters of varying sizes and types are used widely across Lancaster County for a variety of purposes and types of waste. Having seasoned, trained professionals handling the waste produced in Lancaster County is a major facet of keeping the area clean and habitable. Dumpster trucks, designed specifically to handle and empty dumpsters, traverse enormous distances all across Lancaster County to keep the area clean and hygienic. The roll-off dumpster truck uses a hydraulic lift beneath the flatbed to elevate one end of the bed, allowing the full dumpster to easily roll off with the help of a winch. Because they do not have to lift the dumpster on extended prongs as with a conventional dump truck, roll-off trucks can handle bulky, heavy loads with ease.

Quarryville PA 17566

Quarryville, as the name suggests, was founded due to its proximity to a series of lucrative quarries in its immediate vicinity. With a local economy so dependent on mining, using large roll-off dumpsters to transport heavy rocks is commonplace throughout Quarryville.

Denver PA 17517

Denver, not to be confused with its namesake in Colorado, was founded by Swiss immigrants in the eighteenth century. The majority of households in this neighborhood are couples with children, so clearing out a house often requires the use of a large twenty-yard dumpster.

East Earl PA 17159

Any project in East Earl should take note of safety guidelines surrounding dumpster usage. It may seem like an easy solution to throw all waste on a construction site into the dumpster, but certain materials cannot be disposed of together, so it is always a good idea to follow the instructions given to you by your dumpster rental service.

Ephrata PA 17522

The most populous borough in Lancaster County, Ephrata was named by its German founders for the Biblical town of Ephrath. With its booming population, dumpster usage is often centered around construction sites and home developments, so the larger roll-off dumpsters are frequently used throughout the city.

Lancaster PA 17603

The symbol of Lancaster City is the red Lancaster rose, which adorns countless monuments and cultural attractions in Lancashire, the borough’s British namesake. No matter what the material, it is imperative not to the top of a dumpster with loose objects lest they fly off in transit and create a safety hazard.

Leola PA 17540

Leola, part of the Leacock-Leola-Bareville borough, is home to significant Amish and Mennonite communities as well as Americans living more modern lives. The Amish do not use dumpster trucks or any other modern technology, but in the surrounding metropolitan areas dumpsters are popularly used to dispose of yard waste, construction debris or moving a business from one place to another.