Northampton County

When most people think of Pennsylvania, they imagine sweeping, agrarian landscapes, with vase swathes of greenery dotted with farmhouses. They might imagine Amish communities, or painstakingly preserved historic sites and architecture harking back to the days of Swedish and German colonists. Northampton County, however, is highly industrialized. Northampton County produces vast amounts of anthracite coal, cement and steel, with an industrial waste output to match. Its residential population, just under three hundred thousand, primarily works in these industries, although the area did experience some job loss with the closure of Bethlehem Steel in 2003. Dumpster rental trends in Northampton County are geared toward the needs of the coal and cement industries. Large dumpsters and the distinctive, purpose-built trucks that collect them are a common sight around Northampton’s industrial areas. Truck operators take great care to deploy the hydraulic prongs that pick up and empty the colossal dumpsters with surgical precision. Once the contents of the dumpsters – often concrete, bricks or masonry – have been emptied into the belly of the dump truck, the truck will travel to a predetermined disposal location, where the process is repeated in reverse. Many modern roll-off trucks use hydraulic arms (known as the hook-lift system), or a cable and winch to securely place the dumpster in an unobtrusive location where it can be filled. Sometimes, when roll-off trucks are dealing with particularly dense waste, such as bricks or concrete, it is best to use a dumpster with lower side walls, even when doing so reduces the carrying capacity of the dumpster. This is because such dense objects can become extremely unwieldly and dangerous when stacked at height. Lower side walls are also helpful in preventing inexperienced users from exceeding the weight limit of the truck, as even the most seasoned dumpster rental professionals can’t know the weight of a dumpster until they measure it, usually when the truck is back on site.

Bethlehem PA 18017

Once a stronghold of industrial activity, the closure of Bethlehem Steel in 2003 saw great change in the city, which today hosts a variety of music and cultural festivals year-round. Of course, the tourism these events generate creates significant waste, which requires the rental of roll-off dumpsters at event sites.

Hellertown PA 18055

Hellertown, being primarily residential, mostly uses smaller dumpster sizes for household needs. Although roll-off dumpsters are often colloquially referred to as “open top”, it is always best to cover the dumpster when in transit to prevent debris from coming loose on the road.