Philadelphia County

Philadelphia County, boasting a population in excess of 1.5 million Americans, is the most populous county in the state of Pennsylvania. Of course, such a large population is going to produce an equally large volume of waste, which begs the question of what it is exactly that proud Pennsylvanians ought to do with all that garbage? The unparalleled convenience and ease of use related to the dumpster had led to their widespread usage since dumpsters were introduced to the American public in the 1930s. In fact, dumpster rental is widespread in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia. Because dumpsters are most often used wherever people congregate in large numbers, such as apartments, shopping malls, schools and industrial complexes, it’s not uncommon to see dumpsters dotted throughout densely populated areas such as Philadelphia County. Of course, large groups of people generate enormous amounts of waste. Imagine if everybody in an industrial complex or apartment building had to coordinate their own waste management. Such an arrangement would be entirely impractical. Dumpster rental makes sense when you think about it: the relatively large capacity of a dumpster allows users to drastically reduce the amount of waste in their immediate environment. The dumpsters themselves are emptied and tended to by specialized trucks, so there’s no need for dumpster users to ever visit the local garbage dump again. The primary role of a dumpster is to provide a safe, hygienic means of storing the waste produced by normal, everyday activities, until qualified professionals can come to you. Using specialized machinery and waste handling techniques, these professionals will empty the dumpster and remove your waste so it may be disposed of at one of Pennsylvania’s designated disposal locations. Renting a dumpster turns your waste from a problem into a solution.

Manayunk PA 19127

Manayunk, situated on the banks of the Schuylkill River, is named for the Lenape word meaning “place to drink”. Residents looking to clear their basements or perform small-scale renovations should consider using ten-yard or twelve-yard dumpsters to prevent household waste from contaminating drinking water.

Old City PA 19106

Old City is home to Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continually inhabited street in the United States. For residential needs, smaller dumpsters are often adequate, although anyone considering any larger remodeling (such as room additions or demolition) would do best to use forty-yard roll-off dumpsters.

Queen Village PA 19147

Queen Village, founded by some of the first Swedish immigrants to the United States, is among the oldest neighborhoods in the USA. Redevelopment in Queen Village is relatively uncommon, so most people enjoy the convenience of ten- to twelve-yard dumpsters for their spring cleaning and general household needs.

Spring Garden PA 19130

Spring Garden, in central Philadelphia, is famed for its diverse, well-maintained variety of architectural styles, including Venetian Gothic, Italianate and Queen Anne among others. Because much of Spring Garden is heritage listed, large development projects are rare, and most residents and commercial interests find ten-yard dumpsters more than enough for their needs.

Chestnut Hill PA 19118

As a “bedroom community”, Chestnut Hill’s waste management needs differ vastly from those of industrial areas. Residents tend to rent dumpsters according to the size of their household projects or developments: think ten yards for yard work or clearing your attic, or forty for a whole kitchen remodel.

East Mount Airy PA 19119

The recent commercial resurgence of East Mount Airy has attracted dumpster rental geared more towards the needs of restaurants and bars. Renting a sizeable dumpster and arranging regular pickup is commonplace. During rush periods like the holidays, arranging larger dumpsters (or additional dumpsters) is advisable.