Immaculata, PA Dumpster Rental

We Have Your Back

Here at TS Waste, we consider ourselves to be a part of that solution for Immaculata having a clean and safe environment for the entire community. If you have a large home project or construction site project underway, we highly recommend our dumpster rental service. Relying on pickup trucks from your neighbors and your own manual labor might seem like a good option, however, we are confident you will appreciate having access to a dumpster as well. At no additional cost we drop off the dumpster and pick it up when the rental period is complete. We are dedicated to quality customer service and look forward to serving you, call us today!

About Immaculata

Immaculata is a township within Chester county and is home to Immaculata University. A private university with an undergraduate enrollment of 1,300.

Timely and Professional

As part of our rental package, at no additional cost to you, we bring the dumpster rental to your property at the time that you request your rental period to begin. We are committed to timeliness and guarantee that your property incurs zero damage as part of the dropoff process. We are also fully licensed and insured so that in the event that something does occur everything is covered by us. We make the process easy!

Well-Known Across the Tri-State Area

TS Waste Services was founded over 20 years ago by a family from this very region. As a family-founded company we pride ourselves on our community centered approach to business, but also our quality services. Over time, we have only expanded to serve countless cities and townships across Pennsylvania and the entire tri-state area. We continue to build relationships with client after client. We offer the best of the best dumpster rental services and are fully licensed and insured. Feel free to read reviews from our past clients.

Fully Equipped to Serve You

At TS Waste we are confident that we offer the best of the best. We have over 20 years of experience and have served hundreds of clients across the state of Pennsylvania. We look forward to meeting and serving you! Feel free to call us today.

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