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Denver, PA Dumpster Rental

We care about the Earth

Effective management and disposal of waste created during small and large projects such as household cleanups, home remodeling, construction, and demolition works require the use of a suitable dumpster rental. This ensures that junk and scraps such as broken appliances, furniture, glass, tiles, metals, and so on, are safely packed, removed, and disposed of away from where they can contaminate the environment or potentially cause injury. When in need of dumpster rentals in this city, all you have to do is make a simple request and our team will deliver in no time.

Our Dumpster Sizes and Uses

  • 10 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 10ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Ideal for smaller cleanup projects like basement, garage, attic, or yard debris.
  • 12 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 12ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Perfect for one-room remodeling projects like a kitchen or bathroom, or general household cleanup.
  • 15 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 15ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Suitable for medium-sized remodeling projects, basement, and yard clean-up waste.
  • 20 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Works for major renovation projects like a large kitchen, full basement clean-out, or carpeting from an entire house.
  • 30 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 6ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Perfect for major demolition work, house additions, or replacing all windows.
  • 40 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 8ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Good for major construction work, full demolitions and new constructions, large house rehabs, or full house/building clean-out projects.

About Denver

To judge a book by its cover is wrong. This phrase is typically employed to remind us to not count on mere appearances, that things are not what they merely seem. An important heuristic all around, but I find that this phrase can have other meanings as well. For one, it is common for the cover of some books to be so big and bright, that it doesn’t so much mislead us about its contents, as to actively obfuscate it! This is certainly the case for the faultless and beautiful town of Denver, PA, whose name and its sameness with the more famous specimen in Colorado threatens to make the town nothing but “the town in Pennsylvania named ‘Denver'”. And this is a sadness because Denver, PA is one of the most wonderful towns in Lancaster county, and is home to some of the finest Pennsylvanians around. It is a town full of life and community that only those that live there can truly appreciate.

Tri-State Waste & Recycling wants to be there for towns like Denver, PA. We do not judge books by their cover, and to us, the adored “Mile Wide Town” of Lancaster County is the only Denver we care about.

In truth, being one of the best local and family-owned dumpster rental businesses in the Lancaster County region, Tri-State Waste & Recycling and Denver, PA are, in a way, cut from the same cloth. Like Denver, we are often judged by our name and not our strengths; like Denver, we can become our own anonymous “small town” in the country of dumpster rentals; and especially like Denver, PA, we constantly exceed everybody’s expectations. Unlike most dumpster rental companies, we provide straightforward dumpster rentals with no hidden fees or surcharges, and we also provide a variety of sizes of dumpsters for any use case. Not only that, but we are not another big, internet-based, company that has no experience with the beautiful area of Denver, PA; that will ship a dumpster to you from Georgia and put the cost of all that transportation on your bill. Tri-State Waste & Recycling has operated in Denver, PA for years, and knows what you will need and where you will need it.

The countless regionally loved events that happen throughout the year in Denver, PA is only evidence of the magical power this borough has on the heart and imagination. The Denver Community Fair, for one, has attracted thousands of people to the town each year for over three decades. The many and various Bed and Breakfasts and Event Halls that dot the Denver borough is even more testament to the appeal of this area for those who are in the know. Waste removal services are critical for towns like this, where the influx of visitors throughout the year who come just for the event and relaxation can bring with it a proportional level of waste to areas not typically burdened by such. What’s needed are simple, short-term, and low-volume dumpster rentals at a fair price, and Tri-State Waste & Recycling can provide that and more.

But it’s true that big events like these are not everyone’s typical situation when they go and find the right dumpster rental company. Typically, dumpsters are needed for construction jobs, renovations, and big cleanouts. In our many years of operation, we have worked with some of the friendliest homeowners around who are doing the honorable work of cleaning out their historical homes in order to better preserve the treasures within. Indeed, the material history of the United States is embedded in the artifacts and rocking chairs lost in the garages of 200-year-old homes of towns like Denver, PA, and the ongoing march of time and cumulative nature of our possessions means that spaces fill up, and historic antiques can get lost. In this, Tri-State Waste and Recycling is happy to work with homeowners who decide that the time is right to clean out a generations-old attic, and will work with each client to find the appropriate size dumpster for their needs.

Again, Tri-State Waste and Recycling knows Denver, PA, and wants to provide industry-best equipment, professional service, and friendly coordination to the whole town as much as it can. Whether your new construction has made your land look like the local quarries of decades past, or your 200+ person event needs some extra-large dumpster space, we are the ones to call for dumpster rentals in Denver, PA without question.

Various Dumpster Sizes

TS waste offers dumpster rentals of various types and sizes of up to 40 yards capacity. Cleaning out a garage or tossing away kitchen leftovers, for example, require a much smaller dumpster size as compared to home remodeling or demolition projects. You need not worry though as we have the exact dumpster for you! Customer satisfaction is our top priority when delivering waste management solutions. Positive feedback from happy and returning clients has been a welcoming source of inspiration to perform even better.

Affordable and Professional

We believe that disposing of your waste shouldn’t dent a hole in your pocket and as such we offer unbelievably affordable pricing that would fit right into your budget. Not only do we have affordable plans, but our pricing is also very flexible, ready to adapt to your budget.
We have delivered dumpster rental services to thousands of households in the past 20 years and we do it better than anybody else in the business. We have great reviews from happy customers who can attest to the effectiveness and affordability of our services at TS waste.

Precise and Flexible

And no, you don’t have to worry about any discrepancies in terms of pickup and drop-off time if you have to be at work all day, the good news is our scheduling is extremely flexible. We are more than willing to adjust based on your convenience.

To cap it all, you’d be happy to know that our dumpster rental in Denver is fully insured, with the necessary licenses to operate.

Hire Us

Ranked as the best dumpster rental in Denver, all our efforts are channeled into maintaining this achievement. This position is one that we do not take lightly and it is a testament to our commitment to consistently deliver exceptional waste disposal services to households and businesses within and beyond this city.
One of the numerous factors that set us far apart from our supposed competitors is that each service rendered by us is truly personalized. We do not see our clients as just dollar bills, we go through the process of understanding our clients’ waste disposal concerns and needs. Working hand in hand, a suitable plan is formulated and executed. We look forward to working with you and adding you to our list of happy clients. Contact us today for your dumpster rental in Denver, PA.

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