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Wilmington, DE Dumpster Rental

Passionate About Keeping Your Area Clean

Tri-State Waste & Recycling Services was founded with the goal of helping to keep Pennsylvania and Delaware as clean and debris-free as possible for residents of the area. As a family owned and operated company, we continue to carry on this mission with a vision that incorporates our values of relationship-based business. Environmental health is an essential component to the overall health and wellbeing of any community. An essential part of maintaining environmental health is making sure that waste, trash, and debris are removed from residential and community areas regularly. We at TS Waste exist to do just that for Wilmington, and we’re the best in the business.

Our Dumpster Sizes and Uses

  • 10 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 10ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Ideal for smaller cleanup projects like basement, garage, attic, or yard debris.
  • 12 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 12ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Perfect for one-room remodeling projects like a kitchen or bathroom, or general household cleanup.
  • 15 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 15ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Suitable for medium-sized remodeling projects, basement, and yard clean-up waste.
  • 20 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 4ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Works for major renovation projects like a large kitchen, full basement clean-out, or carpeting from an entire house.
  • 30 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 6ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Perfect for major demolition work, house additions, or replacing all windows.
  • 40 CU YD

    • Dimensions: 8ft tall x 8ft wide x 22ft long (actual size may vary)
    • Good for major construction work, full demolitions and new constructions, large house rehabs, or full house/building clean-out projects.

About Wilmington

Wilmington is the largest Delaware. It was built on Fort Christina which was the first Swedish site in the Delaware area. According to the 2020 census, the population of Wilmington was just over 70,000 people. Historically, Wilmington developed it’s economy initially from iron-work and in modern times has become home to several corporations making it a finance-hub.


We have been open for business for over 20 years, and thus have perfected our customer experience to be the best. Our rental service will be a straightforward experience for you, from booking to the end. What helps to ensure efficiency is our straightforward booking process that can be done either online or by phone. Our customer service also continually supports you throughout the process to help you address any issues as they might arise. There’s no need to drop off or pick up the dumpster, or drive the dumpster to the landfill. We take care of it all.

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We Have Exactly What You Need

We are unique in that we have a wide array of dumpster sizes to choose from for rent. From the smallest size, size 10 CU YD, to the largest size, size 40 CU YD, with 4 sizes in between. Between all the sizes we offer, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect fit for whatever your project entails.

Family-Owned, Community-focused

From our inception, we continue to prioritize relationships in the way we do business. Internally, we encourage a great work culture and environment for our staff. Externally, in our partnerships with our customers like you, we love getting to know you to support the good work that you are doing in your community. We desire to keep Wilmington a safe, clean, a desirable area to live. Call us today, we would love to work with you to continue our work towards that greater goal.

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