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Philadelphia County Dumpster Rental

Pennsylvania is a huge state, home to millions of people from every walk of life. However, this population is mostly concentrated in Philadelphia County. Philadelphia County, as you have probably guessed, contains the city of Philadelphia and is the most heavily populated county in the state– it is home to almost 2 million people! It is also one of the smallest counties in the state in terms of square miles, meaning that there are a lot of people crammed into a small area. Unsurprisingly, this means that Philadelphia County produces a large amount of waste. After all, with so many people in one spot, how can you avoid it? You can´t very well just leave it there! You may think that a problem as huge as this might require an extremely complex solution but that´s not the case.

Dumpsters are the answer. After first being available to the general American public in the first half of the 20th century, dumpsters have quickly become extremely popular for their convenience and (relatively) low cost. Rather than having to deal with the headache of a bunch of individual garbage cans, dumpsters make for a much simpler waste disposal system. All it takes is a rented dumpster! And this is not something that is unique or exclusive to the United States– dumpster rental is also extremely popular all over the world, in places such as England and Australia.

Due to Philadelphia County´s extremely high population density, dumpsters are extremely common and put to good use. It is not uncommon to find them in places like schools, apartment complexes, shopping malls, office buildings, or other industrial complexes. If you go anywhere where people gather in large numbers, you will most likely run into a dumpster or two. Because these large gatherings are often a one-way ticket to huge waste production, and it is often easier to simply put all that garbage in one place rather than leaving waste management up to individuals businesses. Imagine how much of a mess you would have on your hands if a city´s municipal government simply left it up to every resident in an apartment building to manage the disposal of their own garbage. It simply would not work. That is part of the reason why dumpster rental is so popular; oftentimes, it is simply the most practical way to handle the problem.

Think about it: for one thing, these types of dumpsters are much larger than the ordinary garbage cans that are typically available to individuals or small businesses. By consolidating the waste disposal needs of large groups of people into a single dumpster, it is much easier to reduce how much waste residents are forced to deal with on a daily basis, simply because a dumpster can hold a _lot_ of garbage. They also make garbage collection much easier, both for residents and consumers, as well as for waste management professionals. For one thing, a well-maintained dumpster means that individuals do not need to deal with the hassle of going to whatever local garbage dump is closest to them– a major pain in every sense of the word.

The main goal for renting a dumpster is to make sure that individuals, organizations, and businesses have a way to safely and hygienically dispose of the waste that naturally accumulates through the course of everyday life. This is accomplished in a couple of ways. For one thing, simply having a dumpster in an area where many people congregate will result in less trash on the ground–where it is a gross nuisance– and more trash put away in a safe place. It is also more hygienic on the backend when it comes to further waste disposal. These dumpsters are handled by professionals with highly specialized equipment, meaning that the waste in these dumpsters is always disposed of safely and efficiently. It also means that the dumpsters are always returned safely to their original location to be filled up again! Even though waste disposal can sometimes feel like a headache– after all, garbage is a problem that can sometimes feel easier to ignore than to face directly– when you rent a dumpster, it is just one less thing for you to worry about!

Manayunk PA 19127

Manayunk, situated on the banks of the Schuylkill River, is named for the Lenape word meaning “place to drink”. Residents looking to clear their basements or perform small-scale renovations should consider using ten-yard or twelve-yard dumpsters to prevent household waste from contaminating drinking water.

Old City PA 19106

Old City is home to Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continually inhabited street in the United States. For residential needs, smaller dumpsters are often adequate, although anyone considering any larger remodeling (such as room additions or demolition) would do best to use forty-yard roll-off dumpsters.

Queen Village PA 19147

Queen Village, founded by some of the first Swedish immigrants to the United States, is among the oldest neighborhoods in the USA. Redevelopment in Queen Village is relatively uncommon, so most people enjoy the convenience of ten- to twelve-yard dumpsters for their spring cleaning and general household needs.

Spring Garden PA 19130

Spring Garden, in central Philadelphia, is famed for its diverse, well-maintained variety of architectural styles, including Venetian Gothic, Italianate and Queen Anne among others. Because much of Spring Garden is heritage listed, large development projects are rare, and most residents and commercial interests find ten-yard dumpsters more than enough for their needs.

Chestnut Hill PA 19118

As a “bedroom community”, Chestnut Hill’s waste management needs differ vastly from those of industrial areas. Residents tend to rent dumpsters according to the size of their household projects or developments: think ten yards for yard work or clearing your attic, or forty for a whole kitchen remodel.

East Mount Airy PA 19119

The recent commercial resurgence of East Mount Airy has attracted dumpster rental geared more towards the needs of restaurants and bars. Renting a sizeable dumpster and arranging regular pickup is commonplace. During rush periods like the holidays, arranging larger dumpsters (or additional dumpsters) is advisable.

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