Understanding how to properly dispose of waste can save you and your business time and money. Waste comes in many forms such as paper, cardboard, or plastic. Trash compactors are a wonderful tool to help dispose of waste by saving labor costs, promotes eco-friendly waste, and many more benefits. Trash compactors deal with just disposing of materials that are sent to incinerators or landfills. Balers are primarily for recycling waste that mostly consists of plastics, cardboard, metals, etc. that trash compactors do not handle.

Benefits of Using a Baler



Extra Revenue Stream


Waste that is non-recyclable will be disposed of through various means such as landfills, incinerators, or anaerobic digestors; large containers that contain organic materials that are then broken down by using microorganisms that convert the waste into energy and fertilizer. Materials such as plastics or cardboard that can be reused and reformed into other products, are quite valuable. If your business is bundling vast amounts of recyclables, it can actually be sold to recycling companies for each ton of baled waste.


Saves Time and Energy


Other than creating another form of revenue for your business, recycling is good overall for the company and also the environment. By using a baler, you and your employees can save time from disposing of trash in traditional ways. That saved time can be used through more activities which will then increase productivity. Compacting waste also means fewer pick-ups of trash and in the long-term and will reduce overhead costs. 



Cleaner Work Environment


Having a lot of trash in the office or building will eventually lead to being clutter that just takes up an unnecessary amount of space. Reducing that clutter will open that space for opportunities, but also increases worker satisfaction by not having to work in a messier environment. This can also be related to reducing risk in the workplace. The likelihood of an injury or a fire occurring in an unmaintained work environment will be higher than one that uses proper waste management by using a baler. 



Greener Earth


Cardboard and other materials make up most landfills that do not do much for the environment. But, the process of gathering resources to produce cardboard reduces natural resources that will lead to pollution. By using a baler, it will reduce pollution because the organized waste will be reused into other products. 


Better Public Image


Being aware of the climate and how we can impact the Earth is an important discussion on every form of media. Everyone likes to support and invest in businesses that contribute to helping the world becoming more healthy. By being more proactive and progressing towards greener work habits, the overall business will be viewed and supported for sharing the same goals. 


Which one do I need?


After realizing all the benefits of owning a baler, there are two types of balers that are for various purposes. For larger balers, you require at least two or three people to operate them. 


Vertical Balers: 


This type processes and compresses waste using vertical downward force. They tend to be smaller than horizontal balers which makes them more accessible and cheap. Prices for vertical balers can be 80% cheaper than buying a horizontal baler. Vertical balers can compact a variety of materials such as paper or plastics. There are specialized balers for more unique items composed of aluminum or plastic beverages. The only downsides would be its height due to them being taller and that, depending on which size you get, no one would purchase the bales if they are smaller than the standard.


Horizontal Balers:


Higher volumes of products can be compressed with this type of baler. Higher volumes allow for larger sized bales that will make them more sellable. Horizontal balers are more consistent in producing well-sized bales which makes them easier to store in your building. Due to their higher price, this type of baler can handle most if not all materials compared to vertical balers. 


Choosing on a baler is up to your needs, but having a baler will ultimately be beneficial for you and your company in the long-term. They will save you a lot of money, reduce the time used to traditionally throw away waste, and create a greener environment for both your employees but the community as well.