If you own a business, chances are you are always looking for ways to save money. Something you may have looked over is how to save money when it comes to disposing of trash. Compactors are a way to cut those costs and operate in a more efficient manner. There are several other benefits of using a compactor.



  1. Saves Labor Costs
  2. Reduces cost of collection by lowering the number of garbage pickups
  3. Compacting your trash helps save space
  4. Reduces Insect & Rodent Problems
  5. Improved Sanitation Levels
  6. Prevent loose trash
  7. Controls Odor
  8. Prevents unauthorized access
  9. Promotes eco-friendly waste

There are numerous advantages to using a compactor. Fewer trips to the landfills will reduce transportation costs and the pollution or emissions created from those trips. If a compactor seams like a right fit for your company, feel free to give us a call at Tri-State Waste & Recycling, Inc. One of our experienced representatives will be happy to discuss with you your options.


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