Compactor Benefits

If you own a business, chances are you are always looking for ways to save money. Something you may have looked over is how to save money when it comes to disposing of trash. Compactors are a way to cut those costs and operate in a more efficient manner. And, we all know that cutting costs and being more efficient can only help your business grow. It might seem like just another thing you have to do in a long list of things your business needs – and it’s probably pretty low on the list. We get it, we’ve literally been there and help businesses and people every day with their trash needs.

Trash compactors are extremely valuable and finding the right one can really help. Some of the factors you should consider when buying a compactor include the quality, cost, type of technology, and size. The main objective of a compactor is to minimize the bulk of trash. There are several other benefits of using a compactor.



  1. Saves Labor Costs
  2. Reduces cost of collection by lowering the number of garbage pickups
  3. Compacting your trash helps save space
  4. Reduces Insect & Rodent Problems
  5. Improved Sanitation Levels
  6. Prevent loose trash
  7. Controls Odor
  8. Prevents unauthorized access
  9. Promotes eco-friendly waste

1. Better and more Sanitation and Safety

Accidents can happen when waste isn’t properly disposed of and no one wants that in their workplace. A suitable trash compactor will help you improve workplace sanitation and safety by keeping everything in an enclosed container that isn’t accessible. They also reduce the risks associated with having trash out in the open.

2. Improve Aesthetic Value

Traditionally, trash bins and cans are used in disposing of waste materials. The aesthetic value of your business attracts potential clients. In most cases, trash bins and cans will pile-up and overflow with time. Your environment won’t be suitable for effective working conditions. Spilled waste will produce an odor smell, thus lowering the quality/standard of air. A neat and tidy working place will give your customers and prospects a great first impression. The best compactors ensure that there’s zero trash overflow or spillage. Your team will work in a sanitary environment.

3. Create More Space

Space is a vital element when it comes to business. A firm should have a great organizational structure that matches its brand. A trash compactor will shrink bulky trash into smaller and manageable compacts. Storing compacted trash is an easy task compared to managing uncompacted trash. In addition, storing uncompacted trash will waste your time and space. Approximately, compressed trash will consume at least a tenth of the space used by uncompacted waste. Having sufficient space in your firm is important because it improves your flexibility. In addition, it lowers the risk of workplace slip and fall accidents. A trash removal company will charge you a lower amount because they’ll make few trips.

4. Convenience

Operating a trash compactor requires no skills, especially the modern types. An operator will only press a button to initiate the compression process. Therefore, you won’t need to hire an experienced operator who’ll need more pay. As a result of high-technology, the best compactor should turn your trash into tiny and neat cube-shaped packages. Also, a great compactor will require minimal maintenance costs in the long run.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

Disposing of non-biodegradable waste materials on the environment will cause soil and water pollution. Compacting and recycling trash are eco-friendly ways of managing waste materials. Waste materials will react with each other, thus releasing toxic substances on the soil and water. These pollutants will, therefore, impact the health of aquatic animals and the efficiency of soil micro-organisms. Being green will play an essential role in conserving the environment.

6. Improve Public Image

The general public, government, and consumers demand a certain degree of cleanliness. Recently, most clients will opt for a business that operates in a sustainable environment. There are numerous health issues associated with low levels of sanitation. In some states, the government is giving tax-relief and incentives to firms that adopt environmentally-friendly strategies. A trash compactor is a great machine that’ll help you enhance the public image.

7. Lower Operational Cost

Operational costs incorporate various segments, such as waste management. As previously mentioned, a firm seeks to minimize production costs; therefore, the right trash compactor will help you lower expenses. A compactor will compress trash materials, thus minimizing their size and volume. Your firm will, therefore, experience reduced manpower, thus lowering wages and salaries.

There are numerous advantages to using a compactor. Fewer trips to the landfills will reduce transportation costs and the pollution or emissions created from those trips. If a compactor seams like a right fit for your company, feel free to give us a call at Tri-State Waste & Recycling, Inc. One of our experienced representatives will be happy to discuss with you your options.


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