dumpster rental

After completing your initial dumpster rental , you now have an empty dumpster ready to load. The following are a few quick tips to help ensure you get the safest and most cost-efficient experience.

Plan ahead

Before you start throwing everything inside your dumpster, think about ways to utilize your space. Creating too many gaps between your items can cause you to run out of room. If you are able to break large items down, it’ll help maximize space. You can also try grouping similar shaped items together to get the most out of your dumpster rental.

Keeping an even load

It’s important to remember not to overfill your container. Overfilling is a sure way to come across additional tonnage fees or trip charges. If we consider your load unsafe to haul we will not be able to remove the container.

Make sure the dumpster door closes properly

Be aware the dumpster door needs to shut properly when loading your container. If the door does not close properly, material can spill out of the dumpster.

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