Options for Large Trash Removal

trash removal options

It can be easy to procrastinate about trash removal, especially when it can’t fit into a garbage bin. Businesses, property owners, and homeowners alike will have to remove large amounts of trash due to moves, renovations, and remodels. Whether it’s large bags or outdated appliances, they present a unique problem without simple solutions.

To avoid time-consuming searches and annoying confusion, here is a list of simple solutions for large trash removal that won’t break the bank.

Scheduled Garbage Pick-ups

While the most costly options on this list, scheduled garbage pick-ups can be simple and easy. Unfortunately, the larger the haul the more expensive the pick-up will be, and many rental companies are known to have issues with sticking to a strict schedule.

Renters will be at the mercy of the company, as well as being stuck with the labor of putting the materials or trash into the exact container the service uses. Most services won’t accept trash for removal unless it’s bagged, and many have strict restrictions about what can and cannot be thrown away. This can be a convenient solution, but one with several hurdles.

DIY Landfill Visit

For DIYers out there, a rented pick-up or larger truck and a visit to the local landfill can be the solution. Unfortunately, landfills are typically set apart from population centers, so this option will most likely lead to a moderate or long drive to the outskirts of the local county. Then, after paying a modest fee, trash can then be disposed of at the designated sections.

Just like scheduled pick-ups, landfills can also have extremely strict regulations about what can be left there, so ensure the trash fits all of the relevant criteria.

Junk Hauling

Some trash removal is often junk removal, in disguise. When an outdated appliance, car, or structure falls into disrepair it’s time to remove it from the home or property. Technically junk is not garbage, instead, they are objects that don’t have value anymore. However, they can often be scrapped for useful materials for other industries.

Typically even smaller towns will have local junk haulers, who will remove “junk” for a fee with labor included. If the junk is of more value to the hauler, they may be willing to pay for what they receive instead of the other way around. Rusted car frames can be junk for one owner but a worthwhile investment project for another. When dealing with large, single-item removals junk hauling is efficient and relatively inexpensive.

Waste and Recycling Centers

It’s important to ensure whatever removal option you choose is reliable. If your waste or junk is comprised of certain metals, paper, or other materials it should be taken to a recycling center. There are a surprising number of recycling centers in most areas, though some only process cans and bottles. There are larger facilities where people can take larger, recyclable trash for little to no cost.

Some waste centers also have this option, where different forms of trash or recyclables can be sorted and eventually sifted through. These are environmentally friendly options that lead to materials being repurposed and reused. Exhaust this option before seeking out landfills or scheduled pick-ups.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals are ultimately one of the most cost-effective and convenient options. Waste removal services and local hardware stores alike rent dumpsters daily. Sometimes scheduling a service can be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient. Dumpster rentals put the timeline in the hands of the home or property owner. In most cases, the rental services both offer or are partnered with a company that offers trash removal with proven systems. Those services are designed to present solutions to logistical problems many people won’t even think about.

Whether it’s a tough and sturdy bagster dumpster bag or case or a large metal dumpster, these rentals can be a stress-free solution for any problems with large amounts of trash or larger pieces of junk.

For any major home project, large trash or material removal is an inevitable necessity. Do so responsibly to ensure the environment and community don’t suffer. Dumpster bag rentals can be cost-effective solutions that make materials removal an easy task.

Save the stress and make the choice that’s right for the project.