Trash Tips for Owners and Renters

House trash pile

Trash can pile up, especially when you’re not organized. Not everything is trash, at first, so paper or recycling can sit around waiting for a decision no one wants to make. It’s not exactly hoarding, but it’s a problem most people have. Keeping your rental or home tidy should be a top priority, but unfortunately, life gets in the way. As that work and trash pile up, it becomes an even harder task to complete. So instead of waiting for that pile to become problematic, start taking the initiative to keep that space tidy.

“Old habits die hard” is a common phrase for a reason. People tend to procrastinate, and that’s not unique to you. To help address that growing anxiety, put a few rules and regulations around the house. Break those bad habits by introducing some new ones. You don’t let the trash pile up, instead, use these trash tips for tidying your apartments, houses, and homes.

Keep Trash Receptacles in Every Room

Convenience is key. No one wants to admit to being lazy, but we all are, especially after a long day at work. So instead of walking that straw wrapper over to the trash can in the kitchen, it’ll sit on the coffee table until it’s joined by a gum wrapper, a napkin, or you name it.

This is the easiest solution of them all – have multiple trash cans and receptacles around your home. If you have pets or children, this is an absolute must. No one wants to walk every single piece of trash into the other room. Not only that, for those who have to deal with childcare, they might not be able to leave the room. That’s why a small trash can in every room is an asset to everyone, whether they’re a roommate or a guest.

Buy Bins With LIDS!

“What’s that smell?”

It’s one thing if that’s a question you ask yourself, but imagine a guest asking you that! Instead of waiting for that mortifying moment to happen, prepare yourself and your home. Smells and stenches can ruin anyone’s day, but it’s kind of unavoidable when it comes to trash.

Trash stinks, there’s no getting around that, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to smell it all the time. Even though they cost a little more, buy trash cans with lids or covers. Every Walmart or Target has dozens of trash cans with tops or swing lids, shell out a few extra bucks to ensure your trash isn’t stinking up your home.

Don’t Ignore Junk Mail

Not every coupon is worth saving. Although emails have taken over nearly every form of communication and advertising, everyone still gets junk mail. It can be coupons for pizza, deals on used cars, or even loan offers. According to research, roughly 60% of mail is junk mail, so in other words, that’s a lot of trash.

Even though some of those deals can be worthwhile, there’s no reason to keep them around. Have a dedicated drawer or shelf where useful offers and coupons can be placed and then bin everything else. Junk mail gets replenished six days out of the week. Don’t let that pile continue to rise and, instead, spend a minute or two sorting through it every day. You’ll learn about exciting offers to use on dinner and the junk mail on the coffee table won’t take over its entire surface.

Create Strategies and Plans for Large Items

Large items can and will sit around until we deal with them. When a large box or old appliance gets replaced, it can be difficult to find a place for the old one. Some people give it away, some people take it to their local dump, and others let them sit around for months on end.

Each item is unique, so this is where it’s best to strategize. If you need to dispose of a couch, consider options for how it’s going to be removed. If you have large items that can be broken down, take the time to make them as small as possible. The smaller the parts the easier they are to dispose of responsibly. Create a plan and it will be that much easier, and simpler, to execute.

Know Your Trash Day

Everyone forgets about this one now and then, so make sure to forgive yourself when you don’t. Knowing your trash day can mean the difference between an entire week’s worth of trash sitting around – or not. A lot of us procrastinate taking those big bags out to the bins. It can be a difficult task with a messy clean-up, so who wouldn’t want to wait?

The problem is when we wait too long and end up having to hold onto that trash for a longer period. Even when it’s a bin that sits outside, that stench can creep its way into the home. Know your trash day and you won’t end up scrambling to take the bin out at the last second when you hear the truck heading down your street.

Keep to a Schedule

Just like knowing your trash day, it helps to have some sort of schedule. Don’t let trash pile up just because it hasn’t hit a certain spot or smell, that’s another issue with procrastination. Instead, keep to a schedule that ensures a consistent system. If you have family members or roommates, make them a part of the discussion and the solution.

Everyone has to share the load to keep a home going. Make sure that the schedule has everyone on it so that the work gets done consistently.

Follow the 15-minute Rule

The 15-minute rule has solved the procrastination problem for thousands of adults and it can do the same for you too. Work of any kind is daunting, especially when it comes to cleaning your house or taking out the trash. When that job looks like it’s going to take hours, it makes it that much harder to start in the first place. That’s why the 15-minute rule can make a huge difference.

Instead of completing an entire task in one go, try to break it up into 15-minute increments that are completed one at a time. The idea is that anyone can do anything for 15 minutes, so just complete your job in parts. If you have to take out the trash for your entire home, do so in 15-minute shifts. It gives you or a helpful roommate a chance to take a short breather while still getting the work done. Then, when you notice just how much you’re capable of, you end up working for even longer “shifts”.

Procrastination is the hardest habit to break, but with these tips, you can fight the good fight and win!