Want an A+ in waste management?

Back to school season is in its prime right now, that means everyone is rushing to get the latest items. All the kids are trying to grab new laptops, notebooks, and even outfits to impress everyone during lunchtime. Everyone feels good with the newest gear, but let’s not forget about staying green and not letting everything go to waste! It’s a good time to drop some tips to inform future generations about proper waste management so they can inspire their peers through awareness. 



Disposing Electronics


New laptop, phone, or even computer parts? It feels amazing when you can zoom through websites and apps fluidly on new tech, but do not just leave the replaced one on the side to collect dust. Always back-up your information onto new devices and clear all data on older ones. Resetting them to their default manufacturer settings is usually the easiest. Do not just throw the electronic away though. If you can trade-in your device that would be good to save money and the device can be refurbished and reused. Donating your device is good as well because they still have worth to them. There are local programs and events that handle used electronics as well. 



Food Packaging


Paper or plastic bags are definitely still used to pack lunches, but there always nice alternatives that can last even longer. Those materials are hard to break down and make up a majority of waste, so it’s best to avoid them as much as we can. Reusable plastic containers for small meals is wonderful because they can be taken home, washed, and reused multiple times. Let’s just hope your child doesn’t throw them away though. Small hydro flasks are great investments in the long-term as well. They are your typical water bottles, but can maintain the temperature of liquids for a longer amount of time. They can keep cooler drinks for sports activities cold or tea warmer for the whole day! Hydro flasks can reduce the amount of water bottles consumed.



Donate Clothing


Everyone has always had that “first day of school” outfit regardless of the grade. It’s usually the outfit you would prepare the night before to impress everyone you haven’t seen in a while to let them know you still are cool. Having too many clothes can be a bit messy and can clutter your room. Maybe if it’s not your style anymore or you just grew out of it, but try not to them throw away. Our wardrobes have been steadily increasing and the percentage of clothing in landfills have been steadily growing as well. Manmade materials like plastic and nylon of clothing do not break down as easily as cloth or wool, which makes it more problematic. Giving your clothes away to family members or donating them are a great alternative though. Clothes can be rewashed and refurbished. Some places such as Plato’s Closet even take back select clothing and will pay you for it! 


Back to school season is always fun and exciting for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with getting the latest gadgets and tools, but it is important to dispose of them properly. The easiest things to remember is what should be done everyday. Whenever you can, regardless of your age and grade, you should recycle bottles or paper that have no food or liquid in them. That’s the least amount anyone but everyone should do to help clean the environment. That is how you are going to impress everyone on the first day back to school. Anyone can have the latest tech and clothing, but the awareness of your environment is just as impressive.